Exclusive- Comedian Lewis Black Wants Spotify to Remove His Grammy-Nominated Album Amid Comedy Royalties Battle

Comedian Lewis Black has called for Spotify to remove his work from the platform until his fellow comics’ full catalogs are restored to the streaming service.

Black’s request comes in the wake of Spotify pulling down hundreds of comedy albums on Nov. 24 amid an ongoing dispute with publishing-rights company Spoken Giants—which has also been joined by its contemporary Word Collections in the fight—over whether comedians deserve royalties on their written work rather than just the audio of their performances.

Unlike in the music world, where royalties are paid to a song’s writer as well as the artist who performs the master recording—sometimes one and the same—comedians do not receive royalties for writing their own jokes.


Elon Musk Should Have Been Stopped Long Before He Came for Twitter

Is Elon Musk serious about buying Twitter? Given his track record for trolling and half-baked provocations, I doubt it.

Dubious offers happen, but CEOs of public companies with multibillion-dollar market caps don’t typically propose them. Musk often uses Twitter to deflect attention from serious negative news about him and his companies and now he says he wants to own the social megaphone. I think Musk’s tender offer to buy Twitter will fall apart because everyone, including government regulators, should be on to his games.

Twitter, as we know, adopted a poison pill defense against Musk on April 15. The move makes it nearly impossible for him to buy enough Twitter shares on his own to gain control. Musk could try to fight it in court, but “no court has over…

How the Metaverse Can Help Companies Cut Emissions

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The so-called metaverse conjures images of gamers with headsets, friends hanging out in a virtual world, or perhaps even a new kind of online meeting. Nokia, however, is envisioning the metaverse differently. The company is putting what it calls the “industrial metaverse,” at the center of its corporate strategy. The goal is to help companies map out their industrial systems and determine the most efficient ways to operate them, saving costs, accelerating innovations, and—if used right—reducing emissions.

Utilities can use the industrial metaverse to repair facilities remotely, slashing emissions-intensive travel. Manufacturers can prevent machine …